Dancing through Life

Wormhole Art aims to explore the secrets of creation through abstract expression. How is the universe at large connected to me as an individual and my creative process? How do energies work? How can we push the boundaries of our mind and intuition and combine the two in an easy and flowing way? The process of intuitive painting can be a scary one. One needs to let go of all expectations, all hopes for a certain outcome, all doubts and all fears again and again. Complete surrender and trust in the process and the Now is necessary. This way, we can develop our intuition up to a level where it guides us smoothly through the next steps and into realms of the unknown. We learn to let our intuition dance with our mind instead of letting them block each other. 
Intuition makes a step, then the mind takes a look at the current composition and decides for a direction, then intuition takes over again and so on. “Mistakes” become our greatest inspiration and give density to the final painting.
Wormhole Art explores these processes and creates paintings that suck the observer in like a wormhole to another dimension.


Wormhole Art - fall in and get lost to find out

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Exploration of Creation - Schubidu dobedo

Joey Focking is an abstract expressionist artist who aims to capture the energies of inner and outer worlds to create strong paintings that trigger a personal emotional response in the observer.

She was born in Berlin and grew up in Mainz in Western Germany. Her creative career started from the first moment she was able to hold a brush.

Finishing High School, Joey graduated with a major in arts and a special arts advancement award. She grabbed the opportunity to travel around the world for several years, where she explored different cultures and other ways of expression.

After a couple of years of travel she felt called back to her birth city  

Berlin where she started to study Illustration Design and dive deeper into the arts. Here, Joey could expand her knowledge of composition, form study and digital tools. 

However, as much as she loves illustration and design, her free spirit carried her more and more into the realms of abstract expression. 

After several years of exploring intuitive painting and different mediums in 2D and 3D, Joey developed a style of her own with many facets. Her paintings are rich in colors and expressive shapes. She has found different creative tools which help her to get into an inner balance and listening to her intuition. Those tools she aims to pass on in painting events to strengthen in others their strong inner compass called intuition.

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